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From science to smile

The Malo Clinic was founded in 1995 in Lisbon. The new surgical techniques developed by the Portuguese medical and clinical team have made Malo Clinic a world leader in implantology and dental rehabilitation.

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Malo Clinic

A smile guaranteed

At Malo Clinic, a patient is at the centre. Our patients can count on our support and care at every stage of treatment and after its completion. Malo Clinic grants a 5-year warranty on implants, bridges, crowns and final veneers. The only condition is to comply with the Malo Clinic Protocol, as this ensures that the treatment results will last for years. A warranty from Malo Clinic - choose a reliable solution.

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Malo Clinic

Pioneers in one-day treatment of toothlessness!

We have designed the All-on-4® treatment concept according to the Malo Clinic Protocol. The method was developed in 1998 at Malo Clinic by the medical team headed by Doctor Paulo Malo, the founder of Malo Clinic. The concept is supported by numerous clinical studies: its high efficiency is evidenced by the research based on over 18 years of post-treatment observation of patients.

This technique has completely changed the possibilities of implantology and the lives of thousands of patients, who have already lost hope of regaining their smiles. Over the years, we have developed protocols for dental treatment of edentulous patients, so that new teeth serve patients as long as possible.
The prestigious Malo Clinic Education institute was established at Malo Clinic to train doctors in the All-on-4® procedures according to the Malo Clinic Protocol.

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Malo Clinic

Malo Clinic medical team

Our multidisciplinary team of recognized dentists applies a holistic approach to treatment, so that we can help patients who have been refused treatment elsewhere. We treat even the most complex cases. Our goal is to restore a patient’s smile and the teeth functionality. Research and development work, innovative surgical techniques, and publication of numerous scientific studies have made Malo Clinic a global reference point in the field of oral rehabilitation and dental aesthetics.

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Malo Clinic

From science to smiles

Our vision is to offer innovative solutions in the field of global dentistry, so that our patients can gain not only new, beautiful teeth, but above all, health and full functionality. That is why we have been inspiring, educating and sharing knowledge with the global medical community for years.

At our research institute, Malo Clinic Education, we train specialists from around the world and constantly improve treatments and procedures with the use of the All-on-4® method according to the Malo Clinic Protocol. Malo Clinic has received numerous awards and distinctions for its innovation and entrepreneurship. Our specialists have published more than 100 articles and scientific studies in internationally renowned journals.

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Malo Clinic Poland

Malo Clinic in Warsaw is the first dental clinic in Poland where we restore patients' smiles in just one day. We have created a place where the complete procedure is carried out under one roof - all for the comfort of our patients. The best specialists in every field of dental medicine work at Malo Clinic, and we also employ aesthetic medicine doctors to ensure full post-treatment rehabilitation.


Doctor Armando Lopes - a world-renowned surgeon and implantologist - is our Medical Director. Our clinic has ten surgeries, a place of relaxation called the patient's lounge, an acrylic and ceramic laboratory, an X-ray laboratory, and a surgical and implantology department, where the most complex procedures are performed, such as the treatment of complete edentulism with the use of the All-on-4® technique according to the Malo Clinic Protocol.


To be even more accessible to our patients, we are opening Malo Clinic consultation centres all over Poland. Each patient receives a customised treatment plan prepared by a patient consultant. Our clinic’s strengths are a holistic approach to health, the power of professionalism and experience, and an atmosphere that makes patients feel safe.

Malo Clinic

We give a smile, we change lives

Several years ago Malo Clinic started cooperation with DDTVN to restore a beautiful smile in patients who had not smiled for a long time. The dental procedures performed by our specialists mean much more than a smile restored: the quality of a patient’s life improves. Our patients’ health and their satisfaction with the final effect is our goal.


For over 8 years now we have seen positive emotions that accompany our Smile Again program.

Malo Clinic

Choose Malo Clinic

  • We have designed the All-on-4® treatment concept according to the Malo Clinic Protocol. We have been helping thousands of patients for over 25 years now
  • Malo Clinic has established the Malo Clinic Education institute, where more and more doctors are trained, and our method is constantly improved
  • We hold 5 patents and have published over 100 scientific articles
  • Dental procedures are performed by experienced doctors trained according to the Malo Clinic Protocol
  • Our clinic has modern equipment, the state-of-the-art technologies, and an advanced prosthetic laboratory
  • We have clearly established procedures and operate according to proven standards, to guarantee that each treatment is effective and completely safe

Malo Clinic - the quality that you can trust

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