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Would you believe that you can get new teeth in just one day?

At Malo Clinic, we have a proven solution, the All-on-4® method according to the Malo Clinic Protocol, which we pioneered over twenty-five years ago. Malo Clinic has unique and extensive knowledge and experience in the immediate rehabilitation of complete edentulism of the maxilla and/or mandible. We also help people who have their own teeth, but their treatment is complex.

Unlike traditional methods, this solution does not require a prior bone graft. Our method involves placing four implants in the required position in the areas where there is still bone of sufficient quantity and quality. Two implants are placed in the back part of the mouth at an angle of about 30°, and two more are placed in the front section. The implants form a stable base supporting a prosthetic bridge. In this way, the complete dentition can be mounted on four artificial roots called implants. The Malo Clinic Bridge™, a prosthetic bridge, is permanently screwed to the implants, which prevents it from falling out or moving. The new teeth look like natural teeth and function perfectly. The bridge is easy to clean, so maintaining proper oral hygiene is not a problem.

Malo Clinic

Advantages of an instant one-day tooth restoration

Immediate rehabilitation of toothlessness, without bone grafting

Short procedure time - a patient returns home on the same day

The bridge is permanently screwed to the implants: no more worrying about the prosthesis falling out or moving

Scientifically proven high success rate of 98%, confirmed by research

Chewing function and phonetic function are restored

Easy bridge hygiene

The bridge does not cause gag reflexes

The bridge does not cover the palate, so the taste perception is not impaired

A 5-year warranty on the implants and the Malo Clinic Bridge

Treatment effects in our patients

Step-by-step treatment process


First appointment - your treatment plan is prepared


The procedure is performed


Sutures are removed after 10-14 days



Hygienisation protocol (implant hygienisation and check-up)





Prosthetic protocol for the final bridge



Effects of the procedure

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Who is All-on-4® for?

The All-on-4® treatment according to the Malo Clinic Protocol is recommended for patients with edentulism, persons having teeth that cannot be treated, persons with serious damage to teeth or bones in the maxilla and/or mandible, patients who cannot have the implants due to bone loss or who have lost their teeth as a result of an illness or an accident, persons for whom the existing solutions, e.g. dentures, cause discomfort, a gag reflex, or when their denture does not stick properly.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Is the All-on-4® treatment painful?

The procedure is painless, it is performed under local anaesthesia, so a patient does not feel any pain or discomfort. Patients may additionally receive sedatives before the procedure. A patient only feels vibrations or pressure and may be aware that some work is being performed.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Does the procedure really last one day?

YES! You come to our clinic at the appointed time, and you return home with new, full teeth the same day. The procedure begins with extractions, if they are required, and then, implants are placed. This stage lasts about 1-2 hours. When it is over, a patient rests, and a temporary bridge is prepared in the laboratory. A prosthodontist installs the bridge on the implants in the second half of the day.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Is All-on-4® safe?

The procedure, carried out under the supervision of our experienced implantologists, is completely safe. Malo Clinic has a database of several thousands of patients who have undergone the procedure. Each patient is qualified for the procedure by a doctor. Before the procedure, imaging tests are performed, a patient is referred to laboratory tests and, if a patient has any coexisting diseases, or comorbidities, a consultation with the attending physician is required.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

What is the permanent Malo Clinic Bridge?

The Malo Clinic Bridge was developed by the Malo Clinic specialists and represents the highest quality based on CAD/CAM NobelProcera™ technology. These features make it a permanent solution that is both functional and aesthetic. Only the highest quality materials such as titanium, porcelain or acrylic are used in the Malo Clinic Bridge. The prosthesis enables not only the reconstruction of teeth, but also the rehabilitation of soft tissues - gums and the entire masticatory system. Due to its aesthetic qualities and advanced technology, the Malo Clinic Bridge is considered an ideal fixed prosthesis for dental rehabilitation of edentulous people.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

How to care for a fixed bridge?

You care for the bridge exactly as you would for your own teeth - brush it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, floss with a swelling floss. An irrigator may be used to clean the space between the bridge and the gums. Whitening pastes are not recommended, because they contain abrasive particles that can damage the bridge surface. Regular checks by a hygienist are extremely important in maintaining proper bridge hygiene

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Are there contraindications to the All-on-4® treatment?

There are no absolute contraindications that disqualify a patient from the procedure with the All-on-4® method. There may be, though, certain time, local or pharmacological limitations, e.g. pregnancy, cancer in the area of implantation, severe general diseases, unregulated diabetes, unfinished bone development (treatment should not be performed in patients under the age of 18), condition after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

How much does the All-on-4® treatment cost?

The total cost depends on the scope of the procedure, which is determined by a doctor based on the tests performed during the first visit.
The price includes :

kconsultation before the procedure + hygienisation,
local anaesthesia,
tooth extraction (if required),
installation of four implants with the use of the All-on-4® technique,
a temporary bridge on the day of the procedure,
removal of sutures,
the final acrylic bridge reinforced with a titanium beam.

Ask your patient consultant for individual financial conditions. See the price list on our website.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Does a permanent bridge last a lifetime?

Research conducted by Malo Clinic for several years has shown that the success of implant and prosthetic treatment depends on a patient's cooperation with a doctor. With proper hygiene and regular check-ups, the bridge can serve a patient for life. The first implants were introduced about 40 years ago and they still fulfil their function. As in the case of natural dentition, it is possible to damage or chip a tooth in the bridge, but this can be easily repaired in the clinic.

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All you need to know about All on 4®

Does a patient receive a warranty for the All-on-4® treatment?

As part of the warranty, Malo Clinic provides a 5-year care period for the implants and the final bridge. The condition for maintaining the warranty is compliance with the Malo Clinic Prosthetic and Implant Control Protocol.

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Why Malo Clinic?

Efficacy confirmed by research:

  • The All-on-4 treatment concept for the rehabilitation of the completely edentulous mandible: A longitudinal study with 10 to 18 years of follow-up Paulo Maló PhD1 | Miguel de Araújo Nobre MSc2 | Armando Lopes MSc1 | Ana Ferro DDS1 | João Botto DDS1
    • this study evaluated the long-term results of the All-on-4® treatment concept according to the Malo Clinic Protocol for complete mandibular rehabilitation; a 99.6% Malo Clinic bridge survival rate and a 91.9% cumulative implantation success rate was documented over up to 18 years of follow-up.

    • in a subsequent study, which included a sample of 471 patients with a follow-up period starting after 10 years, cumulative implant survival rates of 96.9% and 93% over a period of 10-18 years were recorded.
  • The All-on-4 concept for full-arch rehabilitation of the edentulous maxillae: A longitudinal study with 5-13 years of follow-up Paulo Maló PhD1 | Miguel de Araújo Nobre RDH, MSc2 | Armando Lopes DDS, MSc1 | Ana Ferro DDS1 | Mariana Nunes DDS1
    • this study evaluated the long-term results of the All-on-4® treatment concept according to the Malo Clinic Protocol for complete mandibular rehabilitation, reporting a 99.2% prothetic success rate and a 93.9% cumulative implantation success rate over 13 years of follow-up.

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